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Canadian Martyrs Cell Phone Expectations

CELL PHONE EXPECTATIONSStudents are not allowed to use their cell phones in the playground, or in the school at any time, except when the teacher gives them permission to be used as calculators, or for research or music – students must be supervised by that teacher when permission is granted. If students are caught with the phone out in plain sight (whether ... Continue reading "Canadian Martyrs Cell Phone Expectations"

Canadian Martyrs Dress Code

Canadian Martyrs Dress Code 2020-2021“Appropriate dress for students in the elementary panel of the York Catholic District School Board means that students will be dressed in clothes that are neat and clean. Clothing should reflect the increasing physical maturity of the Junior and Intermediate students.” (Board Dress Code Policy see who fail to comply with the dress code will be asked ... Continue reading "Canadian Martyrs Dress Code"

Terry Fox Run

This year our Terry Fox Run will have a new look.Classes will be participating in cohorts during scheduled time slots and fundraising will be via online donations. The run is set for Tuesday September 29, 2020.Students and staff are encouraged to wear red on this day. As always we encourage everyone to donate a toonie for Terry. Our goal this year ... Continue reading "Terry Fox Run"

Canadian Martyrs Return to School Information

Dear Parent/Guardians,I wanted to post a note to assure you that plans for students’ return to school, remotely or in person, are well underway! It has been quite a challenge figuring this all out in order to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being and things are still evolving. Please be sure go to the board website ( or check here on the school website to see ... Continue reading "Canadian Martyrs Return to School Information"

CMS Baking Challenge

Thanks to all the families that participated. There was a lot of baking happening! Here is a summary of last week’s challenge. Be sure to participate in this week’s cycling challenge.

Our baking challenge continues….Jalen spent the evening baking with his mom and sister making his Nonna’s famous “drop cookies”. They usually make them all sorts of colours in the rainbow. They look ... Continue reading "CMS Baking Challenge"