Our School

On behalf of all at Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School, I extend to you a warm welcome to our community! I hope this website will be of assistance to you and I am sure it will give you important information about our school.

I am excited to become a member of this wonderful community. I bring over 35 years of experience and a diverse variety of roles in multiple communities, as well as a deep
commitment to Catholic Education—I look forward to this amazing opportunity to work with and get to know the staff and families in the Canadian Martyrs community.

Those of you who are beginning your first child at school are embarking on a new and unique adventure. I know that you are excited by the prospect of becoming involved in a different way in your child’s education now that he/she is starting school. For those of you who have had the experience before, I feel confident that you will continue to witness the joy that each of our children bring as they take new steps on their educational paths. We certainly look forward to sharing the responsibility of educating your child with you.

You may recognize some familiar procedures similar to those in place when you were at school. However, you may find that school for your child is a changed experience from what you remember of your elementary school years. One of the biggest differences is our promotion of 21st Century Learning skills where students are engaged using technology to enhance their learning. We will be introducing many new programs that you will be able to access at home in order to support your child(ren).

The best way to find out about how your child will be educated at Canadian Martyrs CES is to take advantage of the many opportunities to participate in the life of the school. I strongly encourage you to join us at our school liturgies; look for opportunities to volunteer in classrooms and on the many projects the Catholic School Council is involved in; to read the school newsletter and come out to Catholic School Council meetings – these are good ways for you to become more involved in the school.

I pray that God will bless your time at Canadian Martyrs CES. I also pray that it will be full of happiness, care and support for each other as we focus upon the learning and development of your child in a truly Catholic atmosphere of love and concern for each individual.

Yours in Catholic Education,
Mrs. J. Macmillan